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About Danny Singson

Danny is an entrepreneur and sought after speaker that has impacted many with his passionate style of delivering powerful messages. He has helped people achieve their business goals, life goals and fitness goals. He taps directly into the source of all challenge, which is your view of yourself and your mindset. He strategizes with you on how to take your life to the next level with certainty.

Danny developed a knack and a passion for helping people while wearing multiple hats in different career fields and businesses.  His unique methods of conveying powerful messages relate to people of all ages and all walks of life. Danny exudes confidence and clarity while speaking directly to your heart and compels you to find the answers to achieve massive results in your business and in your life! 

He defines the origin of his drive at the lowest point in his life during his pre-teen years, when he was overweight by over 50 lbs.  With no encouragement or guidance, success became a MUST and a habit.  After losing 55 lbs. in the sixth grade, Danny credits his successes to sheer will and belief in achieving what seemed to be the impossible.  This event altered the course of his life and radically changed his future path, freeing himself from his limiting beliefs to a mindset that ‘anything you believe, you CAN achieve’!

Following this life-changing event, Danny made achieving excellence a habit and a calling.  He went on to become a police officer at a young age, an accomplished bodybuilder, real estate professional and a financial professional. He has impacted and moved many people along his journey. He’s found a true calling in his passion to help people become wildly successful in their everyday lives and in their businesses!

He brings a fresh perspective and a down to earth-“hit you in the gut”- style that will leave you with the clarity and confidence to master your world. Danny has become a coveted results coach and has been influencing many lives in a major way.  With his witty sense of humor and his one of a kind ability to stimulate your mind and capture your heart, you definitely do not want to miss out on his powerful ways of conveying a message that will change your life forever!

If you’re looking to achieve higher levels in your business and absolute peak performance in your life, Danny will guide you there giving you the confidence and skills you need to truly achieve greatness.


*The distance between reality and your dreams is ACTION!